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The assignment that is being looked at for plagiarism has me quite confused. I was quite offended to be accused of plagiarism because the assignment was done completely out of my head. The only information obtained from anywhere was the textbook itself. I found no information online and am completely confused as to how it could have an percentage what so ever like someone else’s work. All information obtained as I stated was from the textbook and the only information that could have even been close to identical would have been the charts themselves. I even told the instructor in this class the same information. I find it quite unfair that an assignment can be zero percent like another’s when the student turns it in. Only to find out that the instructor has a completely different system showing that the paper is similar to
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Unformatted text preview: another student’s when the assignment is always on the same topic. With an assignment that is on the same topic and the same questions are being answered there are going to be something similar from one students to another’s even if they are in two different places in the world. So, what are we to do? There is not exactly much that a student can do to prevent this. Even more so in such as situation like this when I do the work out of my own head and still manage to be accused of plagiarism when that is completely inaccurate. I have not and will not commit plagiarism because it is against my morals. I am an honest person and I would not do anything dishonest....
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