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week three, math, dq2 - The same technique can be used in...

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There are times when you would be left with a negative number after solving an equation. The best way to solve an equation such as this is to take the negative number after you have simplified the equation and multiply with a -1. Multiplying both sides by a -1 will do these two things. Just as in any problem multiplying by a one will remain the same number. Also a negative and another negative is a positive. So therefore multiplying the negative number by a - 1 will simply give you the same answer only a positive. It is basically the same when it comes to getting a negative number when solving an inequality.
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Unformatted text preview: The same technique can be used in an inequality. Of course the direction of the inequality symbol needs to be switched. It is very important not to forget to switch the direction, if you forget you could come up with a wrong answer. Make sure when you the problems are complete you do not forget to check your answers. Just simply plug the answer into the variable. Solve the equation; if it fits properly then you have done a great job. Just make sure after you switch the symbol you don’t switch it back when you are checking your equation. 9 < 11 (2 - 3m)...
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