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I can say that advice given can be very valuable when starting a new course. The best advice I can give anyone who is about to start this course would to be to take all advice given and use it to their advantage. If a person has problems taking advice then they can never succeed at bettering their work. I do not feel as though there is much I would do differently. I guess the only thing I can say I would do different would be to get work done quicker and way more ahead of time. Making sure the work is done days before the due date allows for more corrections.
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Unformatted text preview: Being allowed more correction ensures a better grade. I think I would focus less on what grade I am going to obtain once the assignment is turned in. Even more so while I am doing the work, I realized that stressing over a grade when doing the assignment is like playing mind games with yourself. It makes things a little more complicated. Making sure that Making sure that you are not placing yourself in a predicament to feel rushed and threatened by a grade can and will allow you to do better on your assignments....
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