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Axia College Material Appendix B Roles and Behaviors Description of Company This is a company with sales of children accessories. Children are main concern to this company which is why we offer child care while parents shop for the things needed. Children and families are of utmost importance and everyone is to act as so. This company is to show how families are still important in today’s society. Some people forget how important children and families are when in reality that is the reason people work. A family oriented business made to show that people still care. Roles and Behaviors Entrepreneurs Are to work and follow all rules. The business is all about families and we expect everyone to act as so. Anyone who may be interested in joining us is more than welcome. New ideas are always welcome. Anything to better ideas to make things better is always a plus. Managers Managers are to respect all employees and customers. Managers show and teach the other employees what needs to be done to help the business run.
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Unformatted text preview: Any one who has a problem or an issue should come to the manager; it will be resolved in a timely manner with all respect to fix the issue. Employees Employees are to follow all rules in the work place. They are to assist any customers who need help. The employees are to respect all employees and customers. If they have any problems or issues they are to take it up with a manager to get the issue resolved. BUS 210 What behaviors and attitudes should be cultivated in your organization? The business is a family oriented business and the employees are to act as such. Everyone is to respect one another and assist anyone who needs it. Everyone is to follow all company rules. Children are to be number one priority at all times. There is to be no stealing. Stealing from the company takes away from the children. There is to be no fighting; children are not to see such violence. Anyone who put children in any jeopardy will be terminated immediately. BUS 210...
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