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I first started attending here at University of Phoenix to obtain my degree in business. I have studied law for quite some time now and I enjoy it quite much. I plan to open my business in law. The business I chose to open after I obtain my business degree is my own law firm. I feel as though there are never enough people on the “peoples” side. I do not have many worries about owning my own business. I am sure there will be questions once I get to that point but I intend on continuing with my education in hopes of the majority of my questions being answered before they arise.
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Unformatted text preview: I feel as though this course has offered some information that did not know before I took it. The information on how the computer systems work I would have never known before. Of course I do not see as how this will help me much in a law firm I am sure it is very helpful to others. This course would be very helpful when it comes to businesses such as retail or sales. I say this because of the learning on computers and how they are helpful in business. It is explained in this class how certain systems are used in a business to keep up to date with what consumers want....
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