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Name here Week Five, Day Seven Assignment: Dehydration February 14, 2010 Teachers name Dehydration Water is very important to one’s health maintenance. Without water a person would die in a few days. Water is something that is taken for granted even though it is everywhere around humans. Water is something that is required for a person to stay healthy. People replace water with sodas and other liquids that happen to be an unhealthy choice for consumption these days. It is statistics that a mass majority of people are overweight or considered obese. This happens to be the case since water is the main thing needed to help people with weight loss. People may not realize the importance of the water within the human body. Water makes up half of our body weight. “Deficiency of water in the body can affect various functions and in severe conditions might also lead to death.” (Functions of Water, 2010) Water contains calcium, minerals, and other important aspects that the body requires to continue living. The body is made up of water more than one would think. The brain happens to be 95% water. The human blood is made up of about 82% of water. If that isn’t enough the lungs
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contain 90% of water. The scariest thing about today is that people do not realize that water is required and as important as it is. The humans total anatomy and physiology depends on our intake of water. The human body just cannot function without water. When the body does not consume the water needed one can become dehydrated. Dehydration is very low amounts of water in the body. Very common ways of people becoming dehydrated not only has to do with not consuming enough water but can also occur when one is vomiting or has diarrhea. These can cause dehydration to occur because there are large amounts
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Science_Assingment-Dehydration[1]Writepoint - Name here...

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