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Science, week nine. Capstone Checkpoint

Science, week nine. Capstone Checkpoint - reacts to your...

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Name here Capstone CheckPoint: Reflections on Nutrition Teachers name March 11, 2010 After this nine weeks of class I feel as though the assignment I liked the most was the one we did in week one. Week one we covered the fundamentals of diet and health. During that first week we learned how to properly read labels on the foods that we consume. During the same week I learned how to create a healthy eating plan that was not only based off of the USDA food pyramid but it was also based off of the information on my personal body. The reason I enjoyed this assignment was because I learned how to read labels and this is something of high importance. There are other assignments I have done throughout this class that have helped me to change my dieting habits. During week five we learned how water impacts you body and how it
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Unformatted text preview: reacts to your body as well as how it helps your body. Up until this class I had no idea how important water was. I mean I have been told that it is important and that I need to consume it but I have never known why it is so important. Since doing week five of assignments I learned why water was so important to the body. Now that I have done these assignments I drink healthier and I eat healthier. I know how to read labels to ensure that I am consuming the best diet for me. I know exactly how overweight I am and I have set goals for myself during the course of this class. Even after this class I feel the need to continue eating healthy as well as drinking healthy so that I can meet the goal I have set for myself....
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