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Science Week 7 Assignment - Name here Science 241 Shelley...

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Name here Science 241 – Shelley Teachers Name Week Seven Day Seven Assignment February 28, 2010 Healthy Eating Plan Comparison I put information into the mypyramid tracker for the past three days and the done the calculations for the past three months. My calorie intake has gone up since the last time I put information into the tracker. My calories have also gone up. When I put the information in before I was hardly eating anything daily and my water intake was zero. According to my weight and height I need to lose weight and get to a healthy weight level. Since the information I had put in last time and all of the work we have done in the class I have been eating three meals a day. These meals are normally not that big because I have an issue where I do not seem to become hungry. I know that it is unhealthy to go without eating or not eating at least three meals daily so I have been working on that. The foods I have been eating I have changed a little bit. Instead of eating all sandwiches I tend to eat actual meals now. For breakfast I eat cereal and milk. I try to eat healthy cereal so I tend to eat Kellogg’s Cornflakes. The milk I eat is two percent milk. I limit myself to eating one bowl of cereal for breakfast. Although I have milk intake now I still manage to make myself drink a glass of milk with the breakfast because I have been known to not drink or eat dairy at all in the past. With the cereal I do not put sugars or anything unhealthy in with it.
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After breakfast, I normally eat a snack. The snack is something small but something that
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Science Week 7 Assignment - Name here Science 241 Shelley...

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