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science Final Project - Name here Final Project...

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Name here Final Project: Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan Teachers Name March 14, 2010 There are a few health issues that have been found during personal exams at doctors’ offices. The vitamin D level results were below average by a lot. According to the physician the normal Vitamin D levels range around the 30’s. My personal physician managed to find that my Vitamin D level was at 14. Also my family back ground has a lot of obesity down the line. I have already experienced some of that. Of course that is taking into consideration of me being overweight at the moment. On top of being overweight I have scoliosis which makes being overweight a major strain on the back. After coming to a better understanding of what my health and nutritional issues are I have been reviewing my options on correcting these issues. It is now known that corrections not only need to be made with my physical exercise but the nutritional area as well. The best way to meet the nutritional goals would be to consume the proper amount of foods from each food group. Another way to ensure that the nutritional goals can be met would be to ensure the correct amount of vitamin intake is being consumed. Drinking the appropriate amount of water is yet another way to ensure the nutritional goals are being met. The body is made up of mostly water so consuming the proper amount is much needed. Of course to meet the nutritional goals is not just eating certain foods but it is also cutting out the unhealthy foods as well. Knowing what is healthy and unhealthy is just the first step to meeting that nutritional goal.
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Now that the nutritional goals have been discussed there leaves the physical exercise goals. It may not sound like much but I plan to be more active. Instead of driving down the block to the store I plan on walking, not only is that healthier for me but it is also healthier for the environment. It is a win-win situation. It is actually amazing the physical exercise you do without even knowing. I plan on doing some kind of exercise on a daily basis.
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