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Science Checkpoint Week Six - one place to another These...

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After doing the three day analysis I learned that I am more physically active then what I had thought. I had no idea the normal daily activities that I complete burned so many calories. I word in a day care and a library so I am constantly on the move. I work with infants as well as toddlers and in a library where I am constantly lifting books as well as boxes that contain books for shipment. Doing the three day analysis I learned about how many calories I burned daily. On February 16, 2010 I burned 1,376 calories, February 17, 2010 I burned 1,710 calories, and on February 18, 2010 I burned 1,312 calories. According the Mypyramid I scored a 100 on each daily PA goal. I feel as though the calories being burned are enough and I do not feel the need to attempt burning more. I feel as though I am going to keep my daily activities the same if I were to try more I may over exhaust myself. Right now the exercises I am doing on a daily basis includes a lot of walking, lifting, squatting, bending, carrying children, and moving items from
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Unformatted text preview: one place to another. These exercises seem to be doing well. If I had to do an actual exercise it would consist of a treadmill because that is known to allow one to lose calories without a lot of strenuous work. The activities that I perform can be done year around that is the good thing about doing these indoor activities. If I were to go to a gym to get the same work out it is also indoors which will allow me to continue with a workout plan. If I were to do the treadmill in home then it could still be done year around. Physical Activity History TOTAL CALORIES EXPENDED History for View History for: 1 day | 1 week | 1 month | 3 months | 6 months | 1 year Average Calories Expended: 1466 Date Calories Expended 2/16/2010 1376 2/17/2010 1710 2/18/2010 1312 Chart Retrieved February 18, 2010 from: http://www.mypyramidtracker.gov/Default.aspx?Module=36&plot=total_calories&h=30...
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Science Checkpoint Week Six - one place to another These...

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