Sci Week five Checkpoint Day Four

Sci Week five Checkpoint Day Four - fruits, low-fat dairy,...

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Science 241 – Teachers Name Week Five Day Four Checkpoint February 11, 2010 After looking at the charts in chapters eight and nine and considering what the intake could be if taking multivitamins daily I have come to and understanding. It is not a bad thing to take vitamins on a daily basis. These multivitamins will ensure that the person taking them would obtain most of the daily amounts needed for their intake. If one takes these vitamins and still continues to eat foods needed that are on the food pyramid then the daily intake will be met. After comparing the charts to the vitamin label the only thing that would not be met by taking these vitamins daily would consist of chloride, sodium, and sulfur as well as the foods on the food pyramid. As long as one consumes foods from the food groups such as grains, vegetables,
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Unformatted text preview: fruits, low-fat dairy, and meat, fish, poultry then all of the daily requirements would be met. Of course if one is not careful when taking the vitamins they can end up taking too much of a required supplement. Too much of one thing can be considered a near-toxic level and is unhealthy for the body. This can cause one to become sick. Making sure one views the labels on the vitamins as well as the foods they consume they can avoid this from happening. The point in taking the vitamins and eating the foods required is to gain a better health. Vitamins can be a good thing no doubt but be cautious about what is being consumed overall. Multivitamin label obtained on February 11, 2010 from:
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Sci Week five Checkpoint Day Four - fruits, low-fat dairy,...

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