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Sci 241 day 7 week 1 - YourPyramidStats MilkIntake...

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Comparison of Your Intake with MyPyramid Recommendations for  Your Pyramid Stats Milk Intake     0 cup equivalent Milk Recommendation     3 cup equivalent   Meat and Beans Intake     1.8 oz equivalent Meat and Beans Recommendation     6 oz equivalent   Vegetables Intake     0 cup equivalent Vegetables Recommendation     3 cup equivalent   Fruits Intake     0 cup equivalent Fruits Recommendation     2 cup equivalent   Grains Intake     2.5 oz equivalent Grains Recommendation     7 oz equivalent ____________________________________________________________ Pyramid Categories Percent Recommendation Milk 0% Meat and Beans 30% Vegetables 0%
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Fruits 0% Grains 36% The information gathered from the previous chart shows that I am not eating foods recommended within the various groups. I have been eating things such as peanut butter sandwiches. Peanut butter is good for one to eat because it contains protein. The bread is good because it contains the wheat. After doing the second chart I realize that I am considered obese. I weigh 169 pounds and the ideal weight is anywhere from 107 to 135 pounds. I am 34 pounds over achieving the ideal weight based off of the chart provided. The goal I have set for myself is to obtain a weight of 130 pounds. I have never thought of myself as obese. Some information obtained from a government website states that 66 percent of adults in the United States are considered overweight or obese.( Obeseity, 2010 ) Now that I understand I am overweight I know there are things that are needed to be done to correct this issue. Knowing my body mass index (BMI) allows me to know exactly how much overweight I am. Knowing how much overweight I am will then allow me to know how much weight I need to lose so that I can obtain a healthy weight. Mypyramid tells me the goal I need to aim for is a 1800 calorie food pattern. According to the chart provided on mypyramid I need to obtain food from each food group.
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