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Review and Practice Problems for Chapter 16 Chapter 16: The Cytoskeleton Concept Review Questions: Actin Filaments 1) Three systems of cytoskeletal filaments exist in most eukaryotic cells. Compare them in terms of composition, function and structure. 2) Actin filaments have polarity. What is filament polarity. How is it generated at the subunit level? 3) In cells, actin filaments form bundles and/or networks. How do cells form these structures and what specifically determines whether actin filaments will form a bundle or a network? 4) Actin filaments at the leading edge of a moving cell are believed to undergo treadmilling. What is treadmilling and what accounts for this assembly behavior? 5) Predict the effect on a cell’s actin cytoskeleton if function-blocking antibodies against each of the following were independently microinjected into cells: profiling, cofilin, CapZ, Arp2/3 complex. 6) Several types of cells utilize the actin cytoskeleton to power locomotion across surfaces. How are different assemblies of actin filaments involved in locomotion? 7) At the leading edge, actin filaments form rapidly into bundles and networks that make protrusions and move the cell forward. At the rear, cell attachments are broken and the tail end of the cell is brought forward. What provides the traction for moving cells? How does cell-body translocation happen? How are cell attachments released as the cells move forward?
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8) The main forms of actin in the cell are ATP-G-Actin and ADP-F-Actin. Explain how the interconversion of the nucleotide state is coupled to the assembly and disassembly of
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microfilaments_review_and_practice_problems - Review and...

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