chapter_16_review_and_practice_problems_part_2 - Review and...

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Unformatted text preview: Review and Practice Problems for Chapter 16 Chapter 16: Microtubules Concept Review Questions 1) In cells, microtubule assembly depends on other proteins as well as tubulin, concentration and temperature. What types of proteins influence microtubule assembly in vivo and how does each type affect assembly? 2) Microtubules within a cell appear to be arranged in specific arrays. What cellular structure is responsible for determining the arrangement of microtubules in a cell? How many of these structures are found in a typical cell? Describe how such structures serve to nucleate microtubule assembly. 3) Certain cellular components appear to move bidirectionally on microtubules. Describe how this is possible given that a microtubules orientation is fixed by the MTOC. 4) Microtubules are polar filaments; that is, one end is different from the other. What is the basis for this polarity? How is polarity related to microtubule organization within the cell? basis for this polarity?...
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chapter_16_review_and_practice_problems_part_2 - Review and...

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