The Sexual Response Cycle - The Sexual Response Cycle 1 The...

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The Sexual Response Cycle 1 The Sexual Response Cycle Jonathan Driver Axia College of the University of Phoenix
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The Sexual Response Cycle 2 The sexual response cycle is a term that was formed by Masters and Johnson in 1966 came up with their term of sexual response cycle to help model the sexual responses of humans. This term (sexual response cycle) is the name for the four-stage model of sexual response that Masters and Johnson created. This model is broken down into the four stages as being the excitement stage, the plateau stage, the orgasmic stage, and the resolution stage (Nevid & Rathus, 2005). Within the paper the terms phase and stage will be used in describing the sexual response cycle, both meaning the same. This cycle is characterized by vasocongestion, which is the engorgement of blood vessels with blood that swells the breasts and the genitals during sexual arousal, and myotonia, which is muscle tension. Masters and Johnson (1966) showed that the sexual responses of males and females were not as different and many previously had assumed, instead The first stage or phase in the sexual response cycle is the excitement phase (Nevid & Rathus, 2005). During this phase, several things happen such as heart rate and blood pressure increases in both sexes (male and female). Other characteristics of this phase are the increasing of muscle tension, breathing is accelerated, skin may become flush or red with splotches on the chest and back with this being more common in females along with the swelling of their clitoris and labia minora, and men get erections (WebMD, LLC, 2005-2009 ). Also in this phase females start to produce lubrication in their vagina and their vaginal walls begin to swell, as do their breasts (WebMD, LLC, 2005-2009). As well in this stage the males scrotal skin thickens, testes increase in size and become elevated, and he begins to secrete lubricating liquid (WebMD, LLC, 2005-2009 ). During the excitement phase, a few sexual dysfunctions can impair the sexual experience. The
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The Sexual Response Cycle - The Sexual Response Cycle 1 The...

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