Accounting 303 chapter 3 homework

Accounting 303 chapter 3 homework - Accounting 303...

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Accounting 303 Janna Lenhart 7/26/2009 Cash  (Dr)  +$3,000                                                                                                      Common Stock (Cr) +$3,000 Buys equipment on account for $1,100. Equipment  (Dr)  +$1,100                                                                                                    Liability Payable (Cr) +$1,100 13 Pays $400 to landlord for May rent. Rent Expense  (Dr)  +$400                                   21 Bills Noble Corp. $500 for welding work done. Liability Receivable (Dr)  +$500                                   Invested $12,000 cash and $2,500 of equipment in the business. Cash  (Dr)  +$12,000                                   Equipment (Dr) +$2,500                                                             Retained Earnings (Cr) +$14,500 Purchased supplies on account for $400. (Debit asset account.) Supplies  (Dr)  +$400                                                                                                    Liability Payable (Cr) +$400 12 Cash  (Dr)  +$1,300                                   Liability Receivable (Dr)  +$670                                   15 Paid August rent $600. CHAPTER 3  Brief Exercises                                                                      BE3-1   Transactions for Argot Company for the month of May are presented below. Prepare journal entries for each of these transactions.  (You may omit explanations.) May  1 B.D. Argot invests $3,000 cash in exchange for common stock in a small  welding corporation.  3                                                                                              Cash (Cr) -                                                                                     Revenue (Cr) + BE3-2   Brett Favre Repair Shop had the following transactions during the first month of business. Journalize the transactions. (Omit  explanations.) Aug.  2  7 Performed services for clients, for which $1,300 was collected in cash  and $670 was billed to the clients.                                                                    Service Revenue (Cr) +
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Accounting 303 chapter 3 homework - Accounting 303...

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