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Chapter 4 quiz - Sheet1 You find a cell of a type you have...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Not animal. Not Prokeraki, not bacterial Which of these is NOT a function of the plasma membrane? Control of center Information is transferred from the nucleus to ribosomes via RNA Which of the following is a function of the Golgi apparatus NOT protein synthesis Lysosomes are responsible for _ intercellular digestion The two basic types of cells are prokaryotic . . . eukaryotic Which of the following organelles is NOT surrounded by a membrane Ribosomes A protist that contains contractile vacuoles most likely lives NOT within cells, Not Este Water What name is given to the organelle that manufactures the components of ribosome NOT chromosome , NOT endoplasmic, NOT cytoplasm Plant cells, unlike animal cells, are characterized by the presence of a Cell wall and central vaculole Most human cells contain ______ chromosomes Forty Six Which of the following is a function of the plasma membrane regulation of the passage of material into and out What theory states that all living things are composed of cells
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