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Chapter 3 Quiz - Sheet1 is a hydroxyl group is a steroid A...

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Sheet1 Page 1 _____ is a hydroxyl group. -ho ______ is a steroid Estrogen A fat that is hydrogenated is ____ More solid A friend of yours appears to have put on a lot of muscle Steroid A glycerol with three fatty acids attached is referred to as a ___ a fat A Proteins funciton is dependant on its Not Temperature, not weight A single carbon atom can form a maximum of ______ covalent bond(s Not 1 Not 2 Not 3 Carbohydrates are defined as ___ Not a hydrocarbon chain Cellulose is an example of Fiber Complete the equation:monosaccharide + monosaccharide rightarrow ______ + water Not Polypeptide not fat not nuclic acid Destruction of a protein's shape is called __ Denaturization Enzymes are____ Proteins Given the equation: galactose + glucose rightarrow lactose + water, lactose is disaccharide Given the reaction: galactose + glucose rightarrow lactose + water, galactose is a Not Fatty Acid, not polysaccharide How does RNA differ from DNA? RNA contains uracil; DNA contains thymine If one strand of a DNA double helix has the sequence AGTACTG TCATGAC
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