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Sheet1 Page 1 ____ is an example of an element. Carbon A base ______. Not adds HOH, NOT decreases the pH All of the people in your class for a Not Ecosystem, not community An atom with a positive charge has ______. more protons than electrons An atom with an an electrical charge is a(n) ___ Ion An atom's protons are found in its ____ Nuecleous An uncharged atom of gold has an atomic number of 79 and an atomic mass of 197 79 . . . 118 . . . 79 Geological evidence indicates that Earth formed about ______ years ago Four point five Given the reaction: K + Cl rightarrow K+ + Cl- rightarrow KCl, what type of bond is holding the two atoms together? Ionic, not covalent, not hydrophobic How do radioactive isotopes differ from isotopes? Radioactive isotopes are unstable; isotopes are stable Human Body Cells are approximately 70-95 Is an example of an element Carbon Isotopes of an element have the same number of ______ and different numbers of __ protons . . . neutrons It is significant that ______ is not mentioned as having been abundant in
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