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Sheet1 Page 1 A newly discovered multicellular organism feeds on organic waste. Likely a member of ____ Fungi about half of all known species are Insects Discovery science is primarily based on ______ observation How Do Hypotheses differ from theories Theroy has been or can be proven Hyp is just guess How do members of kingdom plantae differ from members of the other kingdoms of Eukaraya Not Unicellular, Not decomposers MULTICELLED How does inductive reasoning differ from deductive reasoning Inductive reasoning involves going from the specific to the general, whereas deductive reaso Humans are ______ ? Consumers Humans are composed of ___ Cells eukaryotic In a scientific experiment, what is the function of the control group The control group serves as a basis of comparison with the experimental group. Relative to prokaryotic cells, eukaryotic cells are larger and more complex The branch of biology that explains both the diversity and the unity of life is evolution The DNA of a eukaryotic cell is found within the
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