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INDE 6370 INDIVIDUAL HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT #2 Due 24 FEB 10 This is an individual assignment, you cannot share raw data or files. You are to submit a hard copy computer generated report, a binder is not needed. You are to have a cover page, a summary of the results of the assignment, and the supporting excel worksheets and screen captures from the input analyzer. Part 1 Observe the data collection video and record data pertaining to the arrivals and service times. Create an excel workbook and enter the data.
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Unformatted text preview: Use formulas to calculate summary statistics including the mean, std, min, max times for both interarrivals and service times Part 2 Import the rawdata.txt file from the website. Use 3 separate equiprobable chisquared goodness of fit tests to see if the data could have come from either a uniform, exponential, or normal distribution at alpha = 0.05. Part 3 Import the same data file into the input analyzer and run a fit all test....
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