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The History of Rastafari Movement The 2 major circumstances that proved as the events that spawned Rastafari: o The history of struggle of poor African nations o The forming of a Afrocentric view This view was spread through many means for ex. Bob Marley’s music. This view regarded the “resistance against the system” as their main concern and this is what they believed. The first prophet of the Rastafari Movement o Marcus Garvey His philosophy and teachings molded the movement. Before the Rastafari movement people who would follow Garvey were considered “Garveyites. He centered his ideas on Black Pride. Promoted Black Nationalism, Black separatism and Pan-Africanism. He believed that all black people of the world should join in brotherhood and work to decolonize Africa. Garvey promoted theses ideas throughout the 1920s and 1930s he was successful in influencing the lower-class blacks in Jamaica.
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Unformatted text preview: • The Holy Piby o Written by Robert Athlyi Rogers This Rastafari document is considered by many Rastafarians as a formative and primary source of their religion. He saw all Black Africans as the chosen people of God and proclaimed Garvey as an Apostle. • Leonard P. Howell o Author of the first truly Rastarfari document called “The Promise Key” created under his pen name “Gangun-Guru In this document he proclaimed to have witnessed the coronation of the Emperor and Empress on November 2, 1930 in Addis Adaba He also proclaims that Ras Tafari is the true Head of Creation and that the King of England is an imposter. He was described as the first “Rasta” and became the first to be persecuted and charged with sedition for refusing loyalty to the king of England George V. • Selassie I o Emperor of Ethiopia and proclaimed as King of the Rastafarians....
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SYG2000 Outline - • The Holy Piby o Written by Robert...

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