Jan.15-2010 Measuring Globalization

Jan.15-2010 Measuring Globalization - receipts(compensation...

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Measuring Globalization Why Measure Globalization: To study the causes and consequences of globalization more systematically. Globalization vs. civil liberties, political rights, levels of corruption, economic inequality, conflict, and etc. A Globalized world is like a boat: We cannot “afford to ignore the condition of our fellow passengers on this little boat. If they are sick, all of us risk infection. And if they are angry, all of us can easily get hurt.” - Kofi Annan Former Secretary General of the United Nations Globalization Index according to the A.T Heaney/Foreign Policy Magazine: Globalization is the increasing interconnectedness of people and societies and the interdependence of economies, governments and environments. 4 Dimensions: 1. Economic Integration 2. Technology 3. Personal Contact 4. Political Engagement 1.) Economic Integration: Trade, foreign direct investment and portfolio capital flows, and income payments and
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Unformatted text preview: receipts (compensation of nonresident employees and income earned and paid on assets held abroad). • Refers to trade unification between different states by the partial or full abolishing of customs tariffs on trade taking place within the borders of each state. This is meant in turn to lead to lower prices for distributors and consumers (as no customs duties are paid within the integrated area) and the goal is to increase trade. 2.) Technology: • Number of internet users, internet hosts, and secure servers. 3.) Personal Contact: • International travel and tourism, international telephone traffic, and cross-border transfers. 4.) Political Engagement: • Number of memberships in international organizations, U.N. Security council missions in which each country participates, and foreign embassies that each country hosts....
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