Module 40,41,42

Module 40,41,42 - Modules 40,41 and 42 Name: Delonta Holmes...

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Modules 40,41 and 42 Name: Delonta Holmes Teacher: David Daniel Class: General Psychology Date 11/21/09 Questions/Main Ideas: Notes Module 40 The Psychological Therapies Psychological Therapy - Is more commonly called psychotherapy - This type of therapy is appropriate for disorders that are learned - Psychotherapy Integration = attempts to combine methods into a single, coherent system. - The goal of Freud’s psychoanalysis, which is based on his personality theory, is to help the patient gain insight. - Psychoanalysts attempt to bring repressed feelings into conscious awareness where they can be dealt with Free Association - Is freuds technique in which a patient says whatever comes to mind Eclectic approach - An approach to psychotherapy that, depending on the client’s problem, uses techniques from various firms of therapy. - Eclectic psychotherapist uses a variety of techniques, depending on the client and the problem. Psychoanalysis - Sigmund Freud’s therapeutic technique, Freud believed the patient’s free association, resistances, dreams, and transferences – and the therapist’s interpretations of them – released previously repressed feelings, allowing the patient to gain self insight. Resistance - In psychoanalysis, when, in the course of therapy, a person omits shameful or embarrassing material. Interpretation - In psychoanalysis, the analysts noting supposed dream meanings, resistances, and other significant behaviors and events in order to promote insight Latent Content - Freud referred to this as the hidden meaning of a dream. Transference - In psychoanalysis, it’s when strong feelings ,similar to those experienced in other important relationship, are developed towards a patient’s therapist/ Psychodynamic Therapy - Therapist who are influenced by Freud’s psychoanalysis but who talk to the patient face to face are psychodynamic therapists - They work with patients only once a week and for only a few weeks or months. - A brief alternative for psychodynamic therapy that has proven effective with depressed patients is interpersonal psychotherapy, - Psychodynamic Therapy focuses on current relationships rather than past hurts. Humanistic Therapy - Attempts to help people meet their potential for self fulfillment. -
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Module 40,41,42 - Modules 40,41 and 42 Name: Delonta Holmes...

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