Midterm review - Psych Midterm Review Name Delonta Holmes...

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Psych Midterm Review Name: Delonta Holmes Teacher: David Daniel Class: Psychology Date: Questions/Main Ideas: Notes Aristotle Developed early theory on memory, learning, motivation, emotion, perception and personality. Believed all knowledge comes from experience Plato Believed character and intelligence are inherited Psychology Early: defined as the science of mental life. Includes the fields of biology and philosophy. Today: Defined as the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. Mary Calkins First female president of the APA( American Psychological Association) Margaret Floy Washburn First woman to receive PHD in psychology Wilhelm Wundt Found first psychological laboratory(1879) William James First textbook in psychology(1890) John B Watson Did psychology thru behavior and believed that psychology should investigate only behavior that could be observed. Ben Freud One of his primary contributions was to introduce the concept of the unconscious Humanistic Psychology As a response to behaviorism and Freudian psychology, humanistic psychology was created by Rogers and Maslow. It emphasized the growth potential of health people. Used personalized methods to study personality in hopes of fostering personality growth. -Free will -Human Potential -emphasizes on personal growth and fulfillment of potential Cognitive Neuroscience The study of the interaction of thought processes and brain functions Behaviorism View that psychology should be an objective science that studies behavior without reference to mental processes. Nature Nurture issue The controversy over the relative contributions of biology and experience. Levels of Analysis The differing complementary views, from biological to psychological to social cultural, for analyzing any given phenomenon. Neuroscience Perspective
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Midterm review - Psych Midterm Review Name Delonta Holmes...

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