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Delonta Holmes Reading Response #1 The Myth of the Outsourcing Crisis Outsourcing today is a big problem for the world today. The essay showed some reasons for it but really didn’t get into the effects of outsourcing. It hurts the economy and damages our employment rates .Business save money by taking money across seas and I can understand the reasons behind that but at the same time it is one of the reasons why the economy is in a bad state. In the document, the McDonalds franchise was a key to their explaining of point. In one case they where explaining the deduction of minimum wage between a distance of two McDonalds franchise. In the document they say that outsourcing is inevitable and I believe that is false because outsourcing can be stopped. Also, they said that foreign jobs hire United States citizens for the jobs, but not many people qualify for the jobs that they offer. Delonta Holmes Reading Response #2 Why We Crave Horror Movies I found this one in particular to be very interesting. It made a great point saying that most of us feed on being in fear. In some cases I find this to be true because I love scary movies and roller coasters. Even though I know the movie is going to scare the mess out of me I still love the thrill that comes from roller coasters and scary movies. For example, all the saw movies deal with torture of human beings and I love watching those movies as a matter of fact they are my favorite movies. Not saying I would ever do that or that I like torture, but knowing that it is a movie makes it so interesting. I believe that we all have a crazy side and at time it shows .I really like this document because so many of us horror fans can easily interpret and understand this “no matter how far we may be removed from the beauty of a Robert Redford or a Diana Ross, we are still light-years from true ugliness” , I truly don’t understand what he was exactly saying but I believe he was saying no matter how beautiful you are you will always have a side of ugliness which comes from the things you like for example, horror movies and roller coasters Delonta Holmes Reading Response #3 The Automobile: An American Icon I think this essay may be my favorite because it is so relatable to every person who owns
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Reading Responses - Delonta Holmes Reading Response#1 The...

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