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Holmes Delonta Holmes Professor Isaac Sweeney Critical Reading and Writing 103 5 th Oct 2009 Relationship between Outsourcing and Chaos Outsourcing of big businesses is causing discord to the economy all across the United States of America. Many people look at the positive effects of outsourcing on the United States economy, but do not pay attention to the negative effects. By surfing the internet you may find a series of definitions of outsourcing such as, “acquiring a product or service rather than producing it yourself”, or “the contracting out of a company‘s non- core, no revenue-producing activities to specialists” or “the transfer or delegation to an external service provider of the operation and day to day management of a business process.”(Online Directory). All perfectly valid definitions , but failing to capture the true essence of outsourcing which, in business standards, is to lower expenses, gain revenue and overlook their employees; therefore, leaving them unemployed with no way to provide for their families. For many years outsourcing has been a dead topic that many people didn’t understand it, but outsourcing is not new to the economy. In the early 19 th century, British imported cotton from the United States, then spun its cotton and weaved the fabric in England and then exported the finished textiles abroad, mostly in India, then its colony (Cook and Nyphan). The United Kingdom kept
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Holmes about 80 percent of the monetary gains from these exports, adding to its national wealth (Cook and Nyphan). After some time, the owners of the outsourced mills came up with an idea many considered a smart one. The idea was that they could grow the cotton in India and shift the textile machines there too, which will enable them to save money on wages paid to employees and shipping expenses (Cook and Nyphan). It was thought to be a great idea by many, but then the monetary gains being repatriated to England was only
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Essay - Holmes Delonta Holmes Professor Isaac Sweeney...

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