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Holmes 1 Delonta Holmes Professor Isaac Sweeney GWRTC 103 07:01:16 Where Is The Justice? African American men remain unfairly singled out to aggressive police action in today’s society, without due process of law from police officers. It is becoming an outrage to many citizens of the United States .Cases such as the Sean Bell case, Amadou Diallo case, and the Rodney King case of the early 90s, show the unfair treatment of African American men. How can society continue on an unjust road of justice without due process of law to the fullest extent? Some people believe racism is a thing of the past, but clearly that is false .How can you say police are for our protection if they kill and brutally beat innocent African American men. On the morning of his soon to be wedding, a young 23 year old African American named: Sean Bell was shot to death minutes after exiting a Queens Strip club with two friends after his bachelor party. It is presumed that the five police officers felt that it took 50 bullets to kill him and his friends because they did not stop shooting, leaving only Sean Bell dead that night. The thing that troubles me the most is that they thought Sean Bell had a gun, but they were not sure and had no proof so they started shooting (Sean Bell…). The problem on whether black men remained unfairly singled out for aggressive police action was brought up due to this killing of this innocent black man. Even after the riots, and all the anger, discussions, and long days of court, his life was not put to justice. The cops that were put on jury are still free. Sean Bell left to die for absolutely no reason because he had no gun and his two friends (one Latino and one African American) were shot at for no reason. His fiancée left alone to care for their son, his friends severely injured. On March 16, 2007, a Queens’s grand jury voted to indict three
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Holmes 2 detectives in the case, charging the two who had fired the bulk of the shots, Detective Michael Oliver and Detective Gescard F. Isnora, with first-degree and second-degree manslaughter, and the third, Detective Marc Cooper, with reckless endangerment (Sean Bell…). Cops killed an
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Essay 3 - Holmes 1 Delonta Holmes Professor Isaac Sweeney...

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