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Holmes 1 Delonta Holmes Professor Isaac Sweeney Critical Reading and Writing 103 07:01:26 The Viability of Nuclear Energy Nuclear energy is the most viable, currently available resource for meeting the world’s growing energy needs. There is such a great upside for the world if nuclear energy was used on a consistent basis .The benefits of nuclear energy are as follows: they cut America's demand for foreign oil by nearly 300 million barrels a year reducing our dependence on foreign oil suppliers and cutting our trade deficit, they produce much of the electricity that fuels our economic growth, they power new industrial technologies that boost our Gross National Product and improve our global competitiveness, and they replace the burning of vast amounts of fossil fuels , reducing the environmental impact of producing electric power. Despite the fact that nuclear energy offers great benefits as an alternative source of electric power , nuclear energy as a whole, is still a controversial issue in many countries. The reasons for this center around the issues of safety, nuclear waste, and nuclear weapons. Government and industry are developing advanced-design nuclear energy plants that promise lower cost, better performance, and higher safety. They will help supply our electricity and protect our environment for years to come. Only 30 years ago, nuclear energy was an exotic, futuristic technology, the subject of experiments and farfetched ideas. Today, nuclear energy is America's second largest source of electric power after coal. More than 110 nuclear energy plants provide more electricity than oil, natural gas or hydropower. (Nuclear Energy…) Since 1973, they have saved American consumers about $44 billion, compared to the other fuels that would have been used to make electricity. In many states, nuclear energy is a leading source of electric power. Because of our
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Holmes 2 interconnected electricity system, virtually every American gets some electricity from nuclear energy. In addition to the benefits achieved through the use of nuclear energy, there are economic benefits as well. Although there are various risks involved when using nuclear energy as a source of power, I believe and argue that the benefits greatly outweigh any potential
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Essay 2 - Holmes 1 Delonta Holmes Professor Isaac Sweeney...

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