Review for test 3 - Review for test 3 Questions/Main Ideas:...

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Review for test 3 Name: DelontaHolmes Teacher: GBA Class: Personal Wellness Questions/Main Ideas: Notes Sex and gender - Issues of gender and sexual behaviors are established by society - Sex -The physical characteristics that differentiate men and women - Secondary sexual characteristics - Gender - Personal sense or awareness of being masculine or feminine - Learned through socialization Establishing Sexual identity - Sexual behaviors generally occur within the context of a romantic relationship - Healthy sexual relationships are consensual and respectful - Healthy sexual relationships respect that no means no - Discussions of contraception and sex should be discussed in advance Male and Female Reproductive Anatomy - Scrotum – the sac that hangs behind and below the penis and contains the testes, epididymis and vas deferens -Function of the scrotum is to maintain the temperature of the testes at 34 C - Urethra – Opening at the tip of the penis that allows passage or urine and semen - Glans – Head of the penis, very sensitive to touch The glans is covered by the prepuce or foreskin in uncircumcised men - Corona – ridge that connects the glans to the shaft - Smegma - A substance with the texture of cheese secreted by glands on each side of the frenulum in uncircumcised men - The labia are the visible parts of a woman's genitals, commonly called lips - There are outer lips (labia majora) and inner lips (labia minora) - The labia majora are folds of skin, or fatty tissue, covering a thin layer of smooth muscle lying along each side of the vaginal opening Human Sexual Response Cycle - Four stage sequence of arousal and response - Excitement Phase - Plateau Phase - Orgasm Phase - Resolution Phase - Some variation in responses among men and women Options For Sexual Expression - Masturbation - Myths Will make you go blind Will cause gas Will cause hairy palms
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Is normal and healthy and done throughout the life cycle - Health Benefits Stress relief Relief of premenstrual symptoms in some women Prostate health - Oral Sex Cunnilingus Felacio - Risks Transmission of herpes, HIV, gonorrhea, HPV Safety Use of barriers Do not brush or floss teeth before Be aware of sores, discharge or odors from partners genitalia Risks of Pregnancy and ways of Preventing Pregnancy Ways of Preventing Pregnancy Non-Hormonal Methods Condoms Diaphragm or Cervical Cap Spermacide Hormonal Methods Oral Contraceptives-The Pill Contraceptive Patch- Intravaginal contraceptive ring Intrauterine Devise Injectible - Barrier Methods Condoms 101 Made of latex or polyurethane May be dry or lubricated Available over the counter
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Review for test 3 - Review for test 3 Questions/Main Ideas:...

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