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Delonta Holmes What should be in the response to the video? o The title of the video and a brief (one or two sentences) summary of the information provided (1 point) o The dimension of wellness – physical, emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual, or environmental health to which the video refers. (.5 point) o Any reactions (thoughts, feelings, concerns) you have to the material presented. (1.5 pts) o A brief critique (disagreements, agreements, likes, dislikes) of the material. (1.5 pts) Deepest Desires: Sexual Attraction 1.) This video is very informative and very factual .It explains a lot of things and makes clear a lot of ways women respond to men and why women reject casual sex and men don’t. 2.) The dimension of wellness for this video would be social as well as
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Unformatted text preview: intellectual. 3.) My first reaction to this video was wow she is really making us watch this .All together I thought this video was a great way for me to understand how women think and what some women are attracted too. This to me was the most interesting video I have watched thus far and it also explained a lot to me on how we as men think. 4.) I really like this video I do agree that me are more likely to agree to casual sex then women. Also I never knew women are most attractive to men when they are on their menstrual cycle. Overall this was a very good video and very informative about sexual attraction between women and men .I learnt things I didn’t know such as women tend to cheat four days after or before their menstrual cycle...
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