Quiz 6 - Quiz 6 Name Delonta Holmes Teacher William Hawk...

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Quiz 6 Name: Delonta Holmes Teacher: William Hawk Class: Critical Thinking Date Questions/Main Ideas: Notes Ethical/Moral Skepticism Three Types Moral nihilism – there are no moral values a Error Theory – all purported values are false b Non-cognitivists – moral judgments not capable of being true or false; they vent, persuade, prescribe but aren’t true 2 Ethical subjectivism – moral values are created by individual persons 3 Ethical relativism – moral values are created by societies or cultures Moral Error - Conventional Morality – morality constructed by individuals and societies to govern behavior and express points of view - Error Theorists – every element of conventional morality is mistaken Moral Infallability - Since moral subjectivism and moral relativism are not subject to external critique, they amount to forms of moral infallibility, i.e. the claim that they cannot be mistaken. [17.4] - Difficult to accept such infallibility and raises other problems as well. Moral Equivalence - Moral equivalence = every moral practice is equal to every other moral practice Moral Progress - Moral Progress –”occurs when people become morally better than they once were.” Dogmatism - Dogmatism: Df. = Arrogant, stubborn assertion of opinion or belief. - Surprise: Moral skepticism not moral objectivism supports dogmatism Tolerance - Tolerance df. = a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward opinions and practices that differ from one's own. Is Moral Skepticism Self Refuting - A self-refuting claim is a claim whose substance challenges the claim itself. -
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Quiz 6 - Quiz 6 Name Delonta Holmes Teacher William Hawk...

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