PPT02 Geological - P-PaleozoicM-MesozoicC-CenozoicCome-CambrianOver-OrdovicianSome-SilurianDay-DevonianCome-CarboniferousPlay-PermianThis-TriassicJe

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Unformatted text preview: P----------------PaleozoicM-------------------MesozoicC---------------------CenozoicCome ------------------CambrianOver---------------------OrdovicianSome-------------------SilurianDay----------------------DevonianCome-------------------CarboniferousPlay----------------------PermianThis----------------------TriassicJerk----------------------JurassicCheats------------------CretaceousThen---------------------TertiaryQuits---------------------QuaternaryGEOLOGICAL TIME• James Usher(1581 - 1665) Archbishop of Armagh• Adds up all dates in Bible• Earth 6000 years old• Created on October 22, 4004BC• George Louis De Buffon(1707 - 1788)• Heated spheres• Calculated time to cool• Earth 75 000 years old• TIMING THE EARTH• Relativeand “absolute” datingRELATIVE DATING• Developed from understanding basic laws of stratigraphy - Steno(1669)Stratigraphy: the way in which rocks (mostly sedimentary) are laid down1. The principle of original horizontality• A generalization: rocks that are now tilted were once deposited in horizontal layers...
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PPT02 Geological - P-PaleozoicM-MesozoicC-CenozoicCome-CambrianOver-OrdovicianSome-SilurianDay-DevonianCome-CarboniferousPlay-PermianThis-TriassicJe

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