PPT04 - Early Life

PPT04 - Early Life - Early Oceans Early Atmosphere Early...

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Early Origins • Big Bang! 12 - 14 Billion years ago? • Solar System and the Earth: 4.6 billion - hypothesis: early solar system form in large dust clouds rotating spinning collapsing clouds of dust to form the solar system • LIFE: Need liquid water • Cool enough around 3.8 billion years ago • How do we know? sedimentary rocks • Life follows quickly: emerging quickly ever since we have liquid water The Biosphere : thin veneer of life on the surface of the planet - active, interacts with ocean, other atmosphere so have to look at them as an integrated whole • Vital in our understanding of the development of Earth • Without life the Earth would be very DIFFERENT • Consider Venus…… • Similar size / location • But. . Very different…. . ORIGINS OF LIFE ON EARTH • A number of theories…. . 1. Panspermia • …it came from outer space 2. Chemical: Earth based, Near Shore • Millers experiment • 1929 University of Chicago • Early Archean atmosphere + lightning + UV radiation • 3 days: 20 amino acids • Amino acids: building blocks of life • But still not life…. • What is life? • 1. Metabolism: able to take chemicals from the atmosphere to create energy • 2. Growth • 3. Reproduction • 4. Evolution Fox : concentration of amino acids by POLYMERIZATION…. . • Got to get the amino acids together to form complex molecules such as DNA • Evaporating pool • Beach baking • The role of clays. • Problem…today require DNA specific enzymes
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PPT04 - Early Life - Early Oceans Early Atmosphere Early...

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