Lecture 4 - 2. convergent/ destructive Continental plate...

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Sea Floor Spreading fathometer: measuring how deep ocean is Harry Hess - ocean crust originally created at the mid ocean ridges is being shoved under the continents - mid ocean ridges = youngest ocean crust Iron in basalt lava after eruption shows earth’s magnetic field (like experiment with Fe on a magnet) Plate Boundaries 1. Divergent/constructive Generally located underneath ocean floor
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Unformatted text preview: 2. convergent/ destructive Continental plate and ocean = diff in mineral moves suddenly that why it creates a tsunami Formation of Himalayas had a huge impact of the weather Warm moist air no longer able to get to Africa, jungles start to shrink forcing monkeys to move out (hence monkeys HUMANS!) collision of india to asia had takes a huge part in our evolution...
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