PPT06 - Mesozoic Climate Change

PPT06 - Mesozoic Climate Change - Weather and Climate diff...

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triassic cretaceous: gets warmer and more humid PANGEA - something disappeared therefore dinosaurs started dominating - too warm to produce ice sheet - monsoons: lrg variation of temp compared to the sea Triassic Jurassic - PANGEA starts breaking up: break apart into northern part: Laurasia and south: Gondwanaland. The two are linked through Asia - continental area= shallow sea=coral reefs Cretaceous - less extensive desert compare to PANGEA because the ocean is never too far from continents - massive land: moisture cannot make it to the centre of land - cretaceous: climate especially warm compare to other two periods “wall to wall Jamaica”
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Unformatted text preview: Weather and Climate- diff: time scale mean temp of Earth’s Surface change if each increase 1. Size and temp of sun increase 3. Rate at which Earth orbits sun no change 4. Distance from sun to earth no change but influcnce on seasons 5. reflectivity of earth’s surface decrease, less sun heat absorbed by planet 6. concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere 7. earth’s rate of rotation around its axis Increase earth’s ability to reflect sunlight: clouds, deserts, decrease earth’s ability to reflect sunlight: sea level...
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