PPT07 - Radiation Balance

PPT07 - Radiation Balance - B Just to the left of the earth...

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Increase Albedo = increase reflectivity = cooler increase green house gases = increase surface temp of earth 4. Earth’s radius, size matters because more sun rays it can hold blahblahblah 6. Earth’s rotation rate does not matter! Ru = W/T Where would the peak wavelength of radiation occur for a human? A. About halfway between the sun and earth peaks
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Unformatted text preview: B. Just to the left of the earth peak (correct, because -18 degree) C. Just to the right of the earth peak F=OT^4 doubling temperature = 16x energy emitted Which planet has the smallest solar constant? A. Mercury B. Earth C. Jupiter (correct, bigger but it only matters on the distance not the size)...
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