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Social Studies

Social Studies - Stephanie Shum Social Studies 11...

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Stephanie Shum Social Studies 11 Completion Summer 2007 Assignment #12 1. Yes, I think that the war could have been avoided if they stood up to Hitler’s demands earlier than they had. Britain, France and their allies propose a strong threat that could have held up a strong fight against Hitler and his armies. I believe that if they and their allies created an organization, much alike NATO or the UN, trying to fight for what their beliefs truly lie in, they would be able to take away the discrimination that Hitler brought and hopefully derive the countries from having to suffer in the wars because of his disheartening moral beliefs. If there was an organization with the majority of the world’s support, then Hitler and his followers would be overpowered and downsized. However, the only problem with this is how they would be able to branch out and recruit supporters because Hitler and his groups may interfere. Also, it was well known that Hitler had many allies and many companies and high end leaders under his influence. The connections that he had
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