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Alex Fong Geography - Assignment #8 A1. Why is Global warming an environmental problem? Global warming is an alarming issue because it affects everyone’s lives, endangers lives, changes the climate and changes the atmosphere. The outgoing energy and greenhouse gas concentrations will continue to build at a fast pace if we are not able to limit our damages to the earth’s atmosphere. In turn, the overwhelming and building heat creates problems. Irregular weather takes place globally. For example, extremely hot days or sudden drastic rainfalls. An increase in global disasters acts as a signal for the earth’s damages. The weather has many affects on everyone. The sun provides and increased risk for sunburn, dehydration, skin cancer and other issues caused from being in the sun for too long. In addition, plants would suffer from dehydration as well and will eventually dry up. At a time where we need more plant respiration and decomposition of organic matter release, we need as many plants and trees as possible. Instead of reducing the number of trees and plants, we should be taking care of them and growing more. Furthermore, the affects the high temperatures have on the environment, especially in cold climates, is endangering animals. The abnormal weather pattern is hurting the wildlife’s habitats. For example, with the glaciers melting, it is making it more difficult for the animals to catch their food and to travel the distance to another home. In Alaska, the sea bird population has declined due to the melting sea ice. The distance that the birds must travel to find food has increased and the resting places have become limited. Thus, not only do our actions affect us, but it affects the environment around us as well. With our
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Geography - Assignment #8 - Alex Fong Geography -...

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