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Government - Assignment #1 - A lex Fong Government -...

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Alex Fong Government - Assignment #1 -- essay After we reached the deserted island where we have little hope of rescue, since the deserted island has enough natural resources to maintain our lives, we will decide to settle down on the island as a independent country so that the Social Studies’ class students will have a sense of being at home, even though they are have already become homeless. In order to rule the country well, we will create a government which is partial democracy and partial socialism. A leader will be elected by votes and a parliament made up of five students will be chosen in the same way. Strict laws will be established to put the whole community in order. The advantage of democracy is to rule by the people. It is essential for the new islanders to elect their own leaders whom they can trust when they are in the new desperate situation, most likely to be the teacher because he is the only adult. Fascism will be a great threat to them because they will be forced to obey the leader. The democratic government will have to practise socialism at the same
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Government - Assignment #1 - A lex Fong Government -...

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