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Government - Assignment #3 - Alex Fong Government -...

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Alex Fong Government - Assignment #3 Biography – Harper, Stephen Stephen Harper was first exposed to politics at the University of Calgary, where he studied in Economics. Though Harper was born in 1959, in Toronto, Ontario, his post-secondary move to Alberta proved to be the starting point of his career in politics, leading him to where he is today. It was there that he was first exposed to neo-liberalism, and also the idea of Western alienation. Despite the early exposure, his first involvement did not come until 1985 when he grasped a position as chief aide to Progressive Conservative Member of Parliament, Jim Hawkes. His earlier exposure with neo-liberalism came in handy as this was the time that neo-liberal ideas were brought into the Canadian government. In 1986, Harper resigned from the position, and it was said that he became rather disappointed with how the Party had turned out. The creation of the Reform Party of Canada in 1987 gave Harper a chance to become re-involved
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Government - Assignment #3 - Alex Fong Government -...

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