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Government - Assignment #4

Government - Assignment #4 - A lex Fong Government...

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Alex Fong Government - Assignment #3 1. What is the principle of the rule of law? The principle of the rule of law is “nobody is above the law”. It is relative to ensuring that everyone in court is treated equally and fairly. In a democratic society, such a principle of law is important because it keeps our social status as equal, retaining the creation of different rankings. It is true that there may be appointed leaders, but they are chosen by the general public and is still not given any supreme power. The principle of law is also critical because it guarantees that all people are tried at court fairly and followed by the quote “innocent until proven guilty”. This ensures that everyone is treated equally so that in the long run, nobody is given less consequence than others serving of the same offence. With such a principle clearly stated throughout the Canadian population, many more should be aware that our government and our society is doing its best to maintain the democratic country Canada is sought out to be.
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