History - Assignment #10 - Alex Fong History - Assignment...

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Alex Fong History - Assignment #10 Part A 1. I think that because of needs and wants confliction, World War 1 would have resulted regardless of whoever is pinpointed as the instigator. I think that this was bound to happen, so no one or no group can be directly blamed for. 2. The war, to me, was inevitable. Jealousy, unhappiness, and aggression were the different sides to it. It was just a matter of time and place before the war would breakout. 3. No, I don’t believe that anyone is justified to kill someone else only to promote nationalism. If killing is used for a thing like nationalism, it is only a wonder what the country will think is morally correct, and set out to be doing. 4. Yes, I think it was necessary for Britain to join the war because it shows it’s loyalty to not only Belgium but to the rest of the world. The favor would be returned by Belgium if Britain was later in any trouble. 5. I don’t think a forum would have solved the continuation of rivalry between the countries. Seeing how much the countries loathed each other, I do not think that being brought together and discussing issues would have solved the opposition. 6. I do believe the alliances escalated what would have been localized conflict. However, from my point of view, such alliances are important to show loyalty between two countries. Part B
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History - Assignment #10 - Alex Fong History - Assignment...

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