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Christine Fung Social Studies 11 A larger population equals a larger rate of consumption as everyone alive consumes natural resources and produces waste. However, we have a limited amount of natural resources that are being consumed or wasted at an alarming rate. With a growing population, the world will eventually run out of resources to provide the large and diverse population. An example of this sort of consumption could be seen with oil and water. Although the pace of this consumption wasn’t viewed to be a predicament at first, after the industrial revolution, the pace of consumption as increased. As the human population grows, particularly in developing countries, more material is produced to fulfill our needs and wants. By the year 2050, it is predicted that nearly the entire 3.4 billion increase in our global population will be provided by the developing countries. As a result, there will be an even larger demand for food, shelter, energy, water and so on. Compared to a developed country like Canada, we tend to buy needs and wants. Therefore, we
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