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1 Revision First Law of Thermodynamics Types of energy 3 ways that energy transferred to a system. General Mechanical Energy Equation 3 types of non-flow work Head form of Mechanical Energy Eqn F = + Δ + dm dW 2 Δ V z g ρ Δ P n.f 2 dW Δ V Δ z Δ P n.f 2 F = + + Bernoulli’s Equation Application: Nozzle and diffuser [email protected] g gdm 2g ρ g 0 2 V z g ρ P 2 = Δ + Δ + Δ Toricelli’s equation Fluid Flow Measurement Chapter 5 Lecture 12&13 Week 7 [email protected] Pitot tube Pitot static tube Venturi meter Orifice meter 0 2 V z g ρ P 2 = Δ + Δ + Δ
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2 A useful concept associated with Bernoulli’s equation deals with the stagnation and dynamic pressures. These pressures arise from the conversion of kinetic energy in a flowing fluid into a “pressure rise” as the fluid is brought to rest. Bernoulli’s equation can be rewritten as: [email protected] 0 2 ρΔ V ρ g Δ z Δ P 2 = + + 0 2 ρΔ V ρ g Δ z Δ P 2 = + + Static pressure . – One could measure static pressure in a flowing fluid by drilling a hole on [email protected] drilling a hole on a flat surface, and attach a piezometer tube.
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