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1 Introduction to Materials Science PSMMY Jan2010 1 Before…on atomic arrangement monatomic gas steam PSMMY Jan2010 2 glass metal Before…on metal structures Structure a versus r Atoms/ unit cell Packing factor Typical metals SC a = 2r 1 0.52 none PSMMY Jan2010 3 BCC 2 0.68 Fe, Ti, Na, Mo FCC 4 0.74 Fe, Cu, Al, Pb HCP 2 0.74 Mg, Zn, Co Cd 2 / 4 r a = 3 / 4 r a = 633 . 1 / 2 = = a c R a TODAY… How to describe points , directions and planes PSMMY Jan2010 4 in a unit cell? Learning Outcomes Today… what do I want you to learn? To sketch the direction within a cubic unit cell corresponding to the three direction index PSMMY Jan2010 5 integers given (and do the reverse). To specify the Miller indices for a plane that has been drawn within a cubic unit cell (and do the reverse). Describing Points A D How do you describe the locations of Points A? Point B? Point C? and Point D? PSMMY Jan2010 6 B C
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2 Describing Points A D First , define the coordinate system. z PSMMY Jan2010 7 B C x y Describing Points Second , locate Point A by moving in x, y and z directions only. Hence for Point A:
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Lesson_3_The_Structures_of_Metals_2_Compatibility_Mode_ -...

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