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IE 356 Homework #1 1. Two methods of producing gasoline from crude oil are being investigated. The yields of both processes are assumed to be normally distributed. The following yield data have been obtained from the pilot plant. Process Yield (%) 1 24.2 26.6 25.7 24.8 25.9 26.5 2 21.0 22.1 21.8 20.9 22.4 22.0 a. Is there any reason to believe that process 1 has a greater mean yield? Assume both variances are equal and α = 0.01. b. Assuming that in order to adopt process 1 it must produce a mean yield that is at
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Unformatted text preview: least 5% greater than process 2, what are your recommendations? Assume α = 0.01. c. Find the power of the test in part (a.) if the mean yield of process 1 is 5% greater than that of process 2. Assume α = 0.01. d. What sample size is required for the test in part (a.) to ensure that the null hypothesis will be rejected with probability 0.90 if the mean yield exceeds the mean yield of process 2 by 2%? Assume α = 0.01. 2. Problem # 2-19 on page 56-57 of text....
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