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Exam 1.2009 - Chem. 1B Exam 1 January 30, 2009 FORM A First...

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1 Chem. 1B Exam 1 FORM A First letter of your last name: January 30, 2009 Name: Last Name First Name Perm # There are a total of six pages (21 questions) on the exam. You must show your work on the exam. We can evaluate your exam only if you have shown work. SCANTRON FORM: Completely fill bubbles 1) Write your name Completely fill answers 2) Bubble in FORM A 3) Bubble in your PERM number (7 digits only, no extra numbers) INFORMATION PAGE: Remove the information page. No other notes or books are allowed. INSTRUCTIONS: No hats/hoods allowed. No sharing of calculators. Cell Phones, iPods, headsets, and any other electronic devices must be turned off and put away. 1. (6 pts) Consider the reaction. 4 Fe (s) + 3 O 2 (g) 2 Fe 2 O 3 (s) Δ H = – 1652 kJ Calculate the heat of reaction when five moles of Fe (s) reacts with excess O 2 (g). Assume the reaction goes to completion. a) – 1239 kJ ANSWERS are at the end of the exam b) – 2203 kJ c) – 1322 kJ d) – 1652 kJ e) – 2065 kJ 2. (4 pts) What is the sign of work for the process in which 2.0 moles of an ideal gas is cooled from 160 o C to 50 o C at constant pressure. a) w > 0 b) w < 0 c) w = 0
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2 Questions 3 – 5: (3 pts each) Nitrogen gas is heated first at constant volume and then at constant pressure. Which of the following statements are true? 3. The heat, q, for the process at constant volume is equal to the change in internal energy, Δ E, for the process at constant pressure. a)
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Exam 1.2009 - Chem. 1B Exam 1 January 30, 2009 FORM A First...

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