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CHEM. 1BL LAB FINAL MONDAY MARCH 15, 4:00 – 6:00 PM* Rooms: Go to the room where your TA will be (See Room Assignments below). *If you have a foreign language final or too many other finals Monday March 15, you can take the lab final Friday, March 12, 4:00- 6:00 PM, CHEM. 1179. SCANTRON FORMS will be PROVIDED. You must BRING: 1) Reg. Card (Picture ID), PERM number 2) PENCIL (and an extra pencil) 3) CALCULATOR (no sharing calculators) BROIDA 1640 : Michelle Kem, Hannah Zane BROIDA 1610: Damien Kudela, Hannah Kallewaard, Jessica Kramer, Michele Guide, Ben Caputo CHEM. 1171: Agustin Pierri, Nick Economou NORTH HALL 1006 : Kristy Chun, Madeline Weber GIRVETZ 1004: Faye Walker, Shawn Owens, Adam Pollak, Paul Zakrevsky PHELP 1260: Meredith Roberts, Jessica Sherman, Aaron Prussin Harold Frank Hall 1104: Frank Proa, Andrew Benkovich, Noah Rahman BUCHANAN 1910: Joe Sirianni, Ben Rauch, Andrew Hadd, Daniel Kamkar, Conor Scotland QUESTIONS FROM PREVIOUS YEAR’S LAB FINAL ARE GIVEN BELOW. The Periodic Table, Equations, Constants, and Conversion factors will be given on the exam. No other notes are allowed. The final will have 20 multiple choice questions. WORK PROBLEMS IN THE LAB MANUAL!!!!!! Answers to questions are given at the end. NOTE: Taking the lab final is required to complete the course. If you do not take the lab final you will fail the course. SHOW ALL YOUR WORK ON THE EXAM. If there is a problem with your exam, we can evaluate your answers ONLY IF YOUR WORK IS SHOWN. 1.
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This note was uploaded on 03/20/2010 for the course CHEM 1B taught by Professor Watts during the Winter '08 term at UCSB.

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1BL.PracticeLabFinal.2010 - CHEM. 1BL LAB FINAL MONDAY...

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