SOP GGu - Statement Of Purpose With a strong background in...

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Statement Of Purpose With a strong background in management and IT consulting as a project manager in breadth of industries, I aspire to advance my career with education in an MBA. I have professionally excelled from a business analyst to a senior management professional. I have delivered several successful projects and played key roles in decision-making, planning and execution for small as well as multi-million-dollar projects. As a management consultant, I have managed communication, integration and overall orchestration of various projects that are pivotal to strategic goals of companies. I have gained extensive experience and am familiar with many aspects of business such as Finance, HR, procurement, sales, operations and engineering. During my early career of management, I have managed a strategic project in which I was chartered with developing a strategy to identify prospective client base. The goal of the project was to generate at least 2 million dollars in revenue in a span of year for the division. The environment included huge distributed, unstructured data. I applied new state of the art technologies to distill the complex data and developed a data model to be used directly by business. My approach provided a welcome alternative to the existing legacy process. This provided straight result to the business in terms of revenue, strategic partnerships and return on investment. In retrospect I think my masters degree and PMP @ certification played a key role in making me an effective manager and in helping me in advancing in my career. I believe that a strong background in management would poise me to further my career into a successful professional. Also, I will benefit from this opportunity to further polish my skills as a negotiator and entrepreneur.
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SOP GGu - Statement Of Purpose With a strong background in...

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